“What will happen after President Trump meets Kim Jong-un on June 12, 2018 in Singapore?”

“What will happen after President Trump meets Kim Jong-un on June 12, 2018 in Singapore?”

“What will happen after President Trump meets Kim Jong-un on June 12, 2018 in Singapore?” 


This is an obvious question that everyone raises.  It is so unpredictable and unforeseeable. It is a hard question even for someone who has worked in North Korean ministry for over 30 years since North Korea always ends with breaking their agreements.  I really do not know the future.  However, what I do know is that all history is under God’s sovereignty.  So, I will wait upon Him for His way and His will to be done in North Korea as it is in Heaven.  I will submit to Him for a new strategy.

Meanwhile, let me provide some historical background of the previous signed agreement with North Korea.  In 1972, South Korea and North Korea announced that a peace agreement was signed. President Park Jung-hee and Kim Il-sung were to meet on July 4th.  In 1992, North Korea signed a denuclearization agreement with South Korea.  After two years, North Korea signed a denuclearization agreement with United States.  At the six parties talk in 2005, North Korea agreed to and signed another denuclearization agreement.  In 2012, North Korea signed another agreement with the United States.  North Korea has never kept any of these agreements but violated every single one within two years.  Now, they are going to sign another agreement in June 12, 2018 with President Trump.  How long will this agreement last?

Let’s go back in history to what North Korea has done.  The United States and the Soviet Union moved into Korea as Japan was pulling out of Korea in 1945 after World War Two.  Participating nations agreed to pull out all military power after Koreans were able to reorganize and establish their own government.  An artificial line along the 38th parallel was created to establish zones of operations for US and Soviet only, not to separate the country.  Russia pulled out most of their troops leaving only advisors and United States pulled out completely from South Korea by 1949.  Then, North Korea invaded South Korea in June of 1950 and the Korea War started.  Many were killed during this War.  After long three years of battle, the Armistice Agreement was reached in 1953.  It was not to end the war, but to stop active combat while political negotiations proceeded.  Immediately after the agreement, North Korea infiltrated spies into South Korea.  Then, in 1968, North Korea seized the USS Pueblo Navy ship from open international water and 82 soldiers were detained for 11 months.  Kim Il-sung suggested a peace talk with President Park on July 4th 1972.  Many South and North Korean people thought there would be peace and unification.  Both Presidents never met because the North Korean representative praised Kim Il-sung as a god at the preliminary meeting and the agreement to meet was never decided.  On November 5, 1974, the South Korean army discovered an underground tunnel North Korea built to cross under the DMZ and three more tunnels were discovered later.  The tunnel was not built in few months, but over many years. North Korea was preparing to invade South Korea again.  On August 18, 1976, the North Korean army killed two American officers with an axe in the Joint Security Area (Panmumjum) within DMZ.  In 1987, North Korea placed a bomb on a Korean airplane and killed 115 passengers in the air. In 1998, Kim Dae-jung, a pro-socialist, became the president of South Korea. He launched a program called the Sunshine Policy and gestured for a peaceful mood by sending 500 cows to North Korea. Six days after Chairman Jung of Hyundai crossed the DMZ and delivered the cows, North Korean sent a submarine to South Korea.  The peace mood was broken.  There have been hundreds of other military infiltrations and violations of the agreement that I have not listed.

North Korea has uses a public facing tactic of advocating for peace while actively working to destroy the South Korea militarily behind the scenes.  They shake with their right hand while holding a knife in their left hand behind their back. North Korea has been using this tactic since 1950.  They have signed numerous denuclearization agreements but continued to develop nuclear capability in secret.

The question is: Can a black crow changes to a white bird if the crow takes many showers? Or puts flour all over its body? Or eats enough white doves? The answer is a black crow is a black crow.

Would North Korea keep any agreement made with President Trump and President Moon of South Korea? How long would they honor any agreement made after UN sanctions are removed? Will North Korea go back to the old North Korean way after they received enough economic support to sustain themselves? What do I expect at this point? Nothing is certain. Many say and hope that Kim Jung-un is different than his father.  How so?  How can we say that he is different when he killed his uncle and killed his half-brother to eliminate any potential adversary?  This year, immediately after April 27th, North Korea reinforced their old tactic: North Koreans are facing a harsh situation when they are caught watching outside news or South Korean drama.  The big question is will North Korea really give up nuclear arms?  Or are they going to hide and threaten the US again?  

I believe Kim Jong-un was at the end of his rope politically and economically.  He is losing his leadership and support from the people even with continuous nuclear tests to show that he is a powerful man. However, at this juncture, Kim Jong-un fears that if he does not open and maintain nuclear capabilities, North Korea may face a military attack from outside.  If war happens, he will lose his leadership position and power.  In contrast, if he opens the country without preparation, the nation will collapse.  He will then be blamed and may lose his leadership. Therefore, Kim Jong-un is reaching out to outside world through the President of South Korea who is considered a follower of socialism. So, he and South Korean President Moon have agreed to denuclearization.

Therefore, my prayer is that the words of the agreement will stand and what Kim Jong-un agrees to will be kept.  We ask God to give wisdom to President Trump and his associates and protect them from the Enemy’s influence during summit on 12 June.  And may what the United States determines and decides honor God and His people in order that they may worship freely in North Korea.  I still believe God opens North Korea in His own way and the world would know, especially His people would.  We will see His glory and victory.

What shall we do if North Korea opens up on a limited basis?  That means we are able to enter into North Korea. We need a new missional strategy to enter into North Korea to bring the Gospel and build His church.  We should enter through any opening, however small.  We should take advantage of any opening. Although a black crow may not change color, we can teach it to hold back and allow other birds to be fed.  Instead of waiting for the nation to fall, let us go and proclaim the Gospel in North Korea directly and indirectly to bring the lost souls to the Kingdom of God.  We may go ourselves as tourists to step on the land and proclaim that the land belongs to God. Or we may go with food and medicine as NGO workers to provide basic human needs to the most vulnerable and needy people. We may build a small clinic, so we can share the love of Jesus with those people.  Let us tell others to participate in mission to North Korea.  We may enter into for a small business enterprise to increase employment within underground Christian community to build new infrastructure. Therefore, we must continue to serve in any way we can to bring glory to God in North Korea.

Until we meet in North Korea, I ask God to bless you and give peace for His Kingdom.


With loving heart,


Isaac and Peter

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